First Cut on Final Project

April 29, 2007

I’ve posted the home page and the second two pages of my Final project, and they are on the blogroll for review during Tuesday’s class. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, I won’t be in class on Tuesday as I am currently attending a work-related conference in Vancouver BC. My intentions are to add the final pages after I get the class comments and also add a communications link. The project is still the same Kam Zero subject, but the appearance and functionality of the site is miles better than it was during the first assignments. I removed the horizontal menu bar (which contained links to my other assignments) and put that in the Nav sidebar under the Topics links. I think that makes for a cleaner design, similar to what Bill Andrews did on his site. I kept the same header and footer throughout the pages (though these are different than the Design assignment images) and this isn’t so much of a cop-out as it is a device to save space. I think I’m pretty close to my limit for uploading material on the Mason cluster. I haven’t deleted anything from previous assignments since I wanted to show my progression, but the penalty is space limits. In any case, enjoy the site. I will try to update it once more before Tuesday but I will only change some details. I would like to add at least one more page as I already have the material, but I probably won’t.


4 Responses to “First Cut on Final Project”

  1. Mark Stevens Says:

    Good use of typewriter font. Boxes around links might look like more a part of site if color was same as one from mountains in header image. Consider whether you want links to other assignments on page that is on a specific topic. It seems to pull interest away from your topic.

  2. Jenny Reeder Says:

    I think your site looks great, John. I wonder if you should shift your text a little bit on your main page to start directly with your question. I had to wade through your explanation a bit before I got to the question. And I agree with Mark about boxes or something around your nav links simply because the gray and the green are very similar. It would be cool to figure out how to click on the gun images in your Guns of Oaho page just to see them bigger. Maybe that goes for all of your images. On your Crash Site page, I want to see photos of the site–although I just realized this is all place-holder stuff, so I’m sure you’ll put in those photos we’ve seen all semester. Good job!

  3. John, I think you’ve shown some fantastic improvement over the length of this course…just think of how far you’ve come from your first attempts at this XHTML/CSS stuff!! I think changing the colors on the flag header was a great idea, but maybe rethink the color of the body (behind the wrapper) and the yellowish roll-over color on your nav bar. Again, as I said with Jenny’s site, you should be very happy with how far you’ve come, and I applaud you for all of your hard work.

  4. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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