Design Assignment up to bat

April 15, 2007

I’ve uploaded my final version of the Design Assignment, and it can be accessed via the blogroll at right. I made a rather lengthy post about it two entries ago (April 6 entry) and all of the material about color, repetition etc is still the same. At Paula’s suggestion I did make some changes between then and now, and they are as follows:

I re-validated my HTML and CSS files and though they are now both valid I have still been unable to delete the text decoration on the HI697 assignment nav bar. Paula suggested that I start a new CSS file from scratch, but I first tried to clean up my original CSS file through the validation process. There were a lot of errors and the cleanup was a good idea but there are still some style mysteries.

I put a nice new footer at the bottom, in fact it’s probably big enough to be the masthead. I also adjusted the text in the masthead to reclaim some dead space between text lines.

I added links to the W3C validation sites, though I’ll have to say that the CSS validation procedure is a lot less obvious than the HTML.

So that’s it for my explanations. Now it’s up to the assignment to speak for itself.


8 Responses to “Design Assignment up to bat”

  1. jennyreeder Says:

    Excellent job, John! I’m impressed! I really like the 3-D effect of the header. My only comment is that the red of the background flag looks more pink because of the gradient, but I wouldn’t even know how to fix that. I think it looks really good. The typeface is interesting because it’s a bit jarred, which certainly reflects your topic.

  2. Jenny Reeder Says:

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  3. John – I have to agree with Jenny to some degree. I understand your use of the headings font, but it is a little difficult to read and looks blurred. My other thought is about your choice of colors. I think the mint and beige work well together, but the yellow nav buttons are a little off…I think they just clash with the flag’s pinkish tone above in the header. Another suggestion is changing the color of your top level link text…the blue kind of sticks out.

    Hope those comments are of use. I had a friend look at my site last night before Sopranos and seeing that she’s an IT project manager for educational programs, her comments were great and useful. Looks like I have a little finessing to do before tomorrow night’s jury!

  4. sscott4 Says:

    I don’t mean to pile on, but I too am curious whether the header color is intended as pink or is it supposed to be red, like the Zero? I checked it in IE and it is pink there too, so I am assuming that was your intention, no? I may have preferred something a little redder, maybe not the same as the Japanese flag, but closer.

    I do love the footer! I especially like the contrast of old and violent at top in the header and new and peaceful at bottom with the footer.

  5. B.A. Says:

    John, the site’s looking great. I like the typewriter font sprinkled around the site.

    The footer is appealing, but looks out of place. Scott’s right about “new and peaceful” but this pulls me right out of the period. The font looks really funny on the footer–1940’s vs 2000’s. Maybe you could make the footer just one or two colors to keep the tone of the site?

    Another minor point–the labes on the guns of Oahu were very hard to read. I don’t know it they are important enough to make bigger or unimportant enough to delete.

    See you next week, Bill

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  7. James Garber Says:

    John, The site looks great – I like the color scheme and layout. My suggestions would be to change the font in your menu. They tend to stand out and look blocky compared to the other styled fonts in your design. Also, I can tell that you used the resize aspect to change the size of the map image in dreamweaver. In my experience that generally just tends to pixelize the image regardless of whether you scale it up or down. I’d determine the desired size (ie. the size of the div you’ve made for it) and then resize the image in Photoshop. That way it should look cleaner and more crisp. If not, then I’d advise you to change or simplify that image until it does look cleaner. Even if the image isn’t all that important to the site, it’s still important that it looks as best it can.

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