Dealing with Design II

April 6, 2007

I’ve posted my first draft of my Design project, and it can be accessed through the blogroll. It would make a really good CSS, Type or Image assignment but those are water over the dam. I have the same basic alignment that I started with, but I’ve tried to make the following adjustments:

Color: I modeled my scheme after a sight I found called Eyewitness to History that featured a scheme with a wrapper color similar to the Kam Zero’s color, with other colors muted enough to be easy on the eyes while still giving a 40’s impression. I’ve been going through my CSS file trying to purge it of unnecessary colors and coding.

Repetition: I used the 1942 Report font in my headers (it’s what’s in the title), which requires the use of images as opposed to typing. I did use bold, but the font has some stylistic noise to it which also bolds so there isn’t much difference in clarity between regular and bold. I would like to use a letter at the start of each paragraph, but I find this clashes with the pictures I usually have leading off. I’ve also used the same gold color for both my portfolio links and my nav blocks.

Alignment: I used a basic two-column arrangement, which was modeled after the Macfly fluid example.  The alignment of the header edges with the nav and maincontent is intentional – in fact it took quite a bit of experimentation to get it to line up that way. I wanted to have a newspaper-ish look to the page, but it’s more a suggestion than a real style.

Proximity: I’ve placed my images left, right and center depending on which way the picture subject “faces,” so that they point toward the center of the page as opposed to away. I thought I would place them depending on whether they are contemporary, modern or landscape respectively in each paragraph where they are discussed, but that is too subtle a scheme and would probably run contrary to more basic conventions. Once I get the navigation sidebar under control, I would like to have it stay in place while the reader navigates down the page.


One Response to “Dealing with Design II”

  1. Mark Stevens Says:

    If you don’t already have a nice 1940s font, I have been using the 1942 typewritter font called Chandler 42. It does seem to add the “feeling” of the 1940s to a site.
    Woops: looked at your Design assignment and looks like you already have the font. Like the background image aspect of the Japanese flag behind the mountains. Your headings with the font are a good use of it, but you may want to make the bolder so clearer characters make the words more understandable. Remember our visually challenged viewers.

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