Different Images

March 8, 2007


The best laid plans of mice, men and HI697 student gang aft agly, so the best one can do is be flexible.  In my last entry, I posted the images I intended to work with for the image assignment and wrote about what I planned to do with them.  Unfortunately, the Zero picture in the banner proved to be a challenging subject for colorizing, since it was a very grainy image and much of the detail in the fuselage was hidden.  I opted to try another Kam Zero image for restoration.  This original (above) was posted on a personal website by the family of William Vigus, a soldier at Fort Kam on December 7th 1941.  The picture was one he took after the attack, and as you can see it was not in good condition with some harsh tonals and a tear down the middle.  I liked this photo because it was taken from a wider angle than some of the others and shows some of the wreckage still stuck in the palm tree, so I took a stab at enhancing it.  First I used levels to set the image tone, and set the blacks and whites using the procedures outlined in Eismann Chapter 2.  I used gaussian blurring to offset the graininess and polished it off by removing the tear with the clone tool.  The result is seen below.



2 Responses to “Different Images”

  1. Perg Says:

    The fix is good where it fixes, but I wonder why the photo now seems bleached and less contrasty?

  2. Chris Says:

    John, congratulations on applying one of the skills from our class in such a deft manner! I have to agree with Perg that I think the contrast is reduced. The resulting softness in the palm tree, for instance, takes away from the sharp focus of the original. Or at least from what I can tell in a tiny web-sized image. Regardless, I think this is work to be proud of!

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