Image Assignment Musings

March 5, 2007

Kam Zero FragmentWell, if I didn’t exactly slay the first two assignment dragons I at least forced them to vacate the battlefield for a while.  Now I face the next assignment, which is to colorize, distort and otherwise improve digital images using Photoshop.  It’s going to be a bit of a stretch to find an image associated with my dissertation that requires restoration, since photographs from the early 40’s are generally clear due to the use of exceptionally large (by modern standards) frames.  What I’ve elected to do is to colorize one of the black and white pictures from the Kam Zero site.  I’m going to do this because if you ask any casual historian of the Pacific War what color a Japanese naval Zero was, chances are he will say light grey.  That’s how they look in black and white photographs, and the Kam Zero is no exception.  But fortunately, some fragments of the Kam Zero still survive in various places, and color photographs of them appear on the web.  The Kam Zero wasn’t grey, it was a sort of brownish green, the color shown in the upper left corner.

Three MusketeersFor the other parts of the assignment, I’m going to work on a portrait associated with one of my minor areas in applied history.  In my field statement I’m going to propose the editing of a diary kept by a WWI flier by the name of John MacGavock Grider.  After he was killed on June 18, 1918, Grider’s friend Elliot White Springs combined the diary with letters and Springs’ own diary into a book called “War Bird – Diary of an Unknown Aviator.”  The story behind the diaries and the book is an entry unto itself, but I do have a good portrait to mess around with.  This photo is of (from left to right) Grider, Springs, and Laurence Callahan.  They are all in different uniforms, because Grider (and Callahan I think) were actually volunteers in the Royal Air Force while Springs ended up in the US Army Air Corps.  So I will have to do some color matching using some sites that document WWI uniforms.  My guess is that the RAF uniforms are brown and tan, while the US uniform is dark green.


2 Responses to “Image Assignment Musings”

  1. John Jay Says:

    I would love to know where you got the picture of Grider so I could print a copy and keep it inside my copy of the book.

    I just finished the book and am interested in historical review of its contents, authorship, and later revelations or confessions (if any) of participants involved in redacting the story.


  2. Josiedad Says:

    I just completed a large assignment on the Diary, and found a great online resources for it. The address is There are several photographs of all three of the Musketeers. The site also discusses the diary and the lives of the authors. The group that sponsors the site created a video about the diary as well.

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