At last…my site has come along…

February 22, 2007

Etta James…and life is like a song.  While I did successfully upload my first two assignments, my type assignment was most definitely a placeholder until I could get something suitable put together.  After Tuesday’s class I was more than a little disheartened, since most of my classmates presented very mature and sophisticated sites.  Now it’s true that most of these sites had been the beneficiaries of much more attention than mine, but fortunately I didn’t have to present my site due to lack of time.  I’ve been crashing on the site for the past two days and have something decent put together.  It’s even W3C compliant.

The lesson learned here is a hard one to figure.  It’s true that HI697 is not a one-dimensional class.  In addition to learning the mechanics of HTML the course also has to be about design (which is REAL hard when you haven’t learned the mechanics yet) and also about information architecture.  All this and we haven’t even talked about content.  It would have helped a lot if I had come into the class already having a domain (which those of us who took Clio last semester did not have), but better late than never.  I feel like a hound dog trying to jump up on the back of a moving pickup truck, but at least I got aboard.  It remains to be seen whether I can hang on.


3 Responses to “At last…my site has come along…”

  1. Jennifer Levasseur Says:

    So glad to see you got something up! I know it’s a struggle on the technical side, and if you’re anything like me, you let out a little ‘woo hoo’ when that upload finally works. And don’t worry, there are lots of us in the back of that truck and now it’s a matter of us holding on together and getting to the end of the road.

    The site is looking good by the way!

  2. Mark Stevens Says:

    First of all you could not have chosen a better background color for your topic! I have seen that color on Zeros in museums. Would it also work to somehow add in the “meatball” red color in some capacity? Keep plugging.

    I have had similar thoughts to yours about all the elements we must learn in order to be successful in this class. The one thing that has been running over and over in my mind is the need to blend what we have been discussing, such as CSS, XHTML, design, and next color, with the content. The truth of Dr. P’s statement about all of the design issues needing to be addressed at the same time must extend to the content as well. In thinking about my topic, a Holocaust survivor, there were certain color schemes and design issues that I felt must be included. This even extends to the design of how the content text on individual pages must be written and combined with images. At times it seems overwhelming, but then I just go and attack each section of my content in turn. If we have some basic unifying plan in mind, and don’t try to include all the new and neat things we see, perhaps it will all work out.

    Instead of seeing yourself as an old hound dog, picture yourself as a border collie that separates out just that which will work for it.

  3. B.A. Says:

    John, on an unrelated subject, would you mind if I borrowed your restoring photos with photoshop book after the colloqium till class on Tuesday?


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