Week 4 and Success at hand

February 20, 2007

As evidenced by the new links on the Blogroll, I finally managed to get my assignments posted on a website.  This operation was much more complicated than I thought it would be, and my experiences could serve as a sort of object lesson for how to do this.  The main thrust of the story is that to complete the assignments one needs to execute basically three separate operations, and the class material covers only one of them.  The operations are:

  1. Obtaining a domain or a site
  2. Creating and editing the files you want to post
  3. Transferring those files to the site

Though Step 2 has been covered and practiced in class, Steps 1 and 3 are another story.  I originally hoped to obtain a site through my ISP (Verizon) , who advertised the website capabilities I would need like uploading and HTML editing.  After a two weeks of trying on the computer and eventually the phone I finally determined that Verizon no longer features those capabilities and currently are busy purging their sites of any remaining references to them.  After rooting and asking around about alternatives, I applied for space through GMU, and though they advertised a 3-5 day wait I had my site in a day.  I had originally intended to use Ipswitch to transfer files to my ISP site, but I found that I had to use a secure service to do this on the Mason cluster.  I downloaded this last night and after a couple of false starts was able to upload my material.

There was probably a lot of ancillary discussion on steps 1 and 3 during both this class and last semester’s Clio Wired class, but I would have saved a lot of time and effort if there had been something like a “gouge sheet” regarding the sequence of things that need to be done before one can post.


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