Week 3 – CSS and Other Mysteries

February 11, 2007

PolyglotSince missing class this past week, I’ve been playing catchup both on the last assignment and this week’s readings.  The whole concepts of CSS now seems pretty simple – a style sheet is simply a separate file that a site links to for format rather than having the format syntax included in the site coding.
I’m not a real fan of Bickner’s style – there’s too much storytelling and belaboring of how quaint past efforts like presentational markup pages were.  We start to get to what I used to call “the gouge” (useful information) on page 160.  The CSS construction guide is helpful – it broke the code on typography, though I still have questions about the “justify” function referred to on page 180.  What sort of justify – left, right or center?  Looking at the example, my guess is that it means center.   Also, I was able to  break part of the code on validating, by using file upload.  I ran through the validation routine for last week’s assignment and got back two errors which I corrected.  Now I’m valid – still late, but at least valid.  I still don’t know how to upload an edited page to a server though.  As for the site visits, the tutorial sites look like they will be really useful later – I just hope I can remember that they are there.

As for the Polyglot Manifesto, it recalled some of the discussion we had last semester (which continues into this semester’s colloquium) regarding what it is to be a historian.  I have to admit that while I don’t have an answer either I get concerned over the use of the term “interpreter.”  The implied meaning of that term is an unbiased translation, while historical interpretation is anything but.


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