CSS page Assignment Parts 1 and 2

February 4, 2007

Good Afternoon All.  I would like to attach my assignments, but it appears that I can’t post .htm files on this blog.  I had more luck on Part 2 than 1, and as a result Part 1 is somewhat incomplete.  I was able to replace graphics and change fonts without too much trouble, but I had some difficulty with graphics alignments and formats.  I’ll have to say that I didn’t find Stylin’ to be much help in that respect, since the book examples just show the tags and not their positioning and connecting syntax with the rest of the code.  Also, I could get the validation badges because I don’t know how to upload the page onto a server.  I may be able to break the “code” by looking at the example sheets later, but I wanted to get this posted before I had to jump on the plane.

Now here in a hotel in lovely North Dallas I can report a little more progress, but Part 1 of the assignment still leaves something to be desired.  That will change with time and practice.  As for Part 2, the only aspect I fell short on was the background image in the header, which I could not get to appear.  I did look at the example sheets and they were helpful, but there’s one problem I still had with interpreting syntax.  I detailed that problem on the file itself.  As for uploading the files, that’s also a non-starter so I must resort to e-mailing.  Thanks all for the comments and suggestions – have fun tomorrow.

PS – my presentation format went a little haywire this week and I don’t know why, so I went back into my original presentation (which had also changed format, though in a minor way) and edited the header format to get it back to normal.  Call it extra credit.


4 Responses to “CSS page Assignment Parts 1 and 2”

  1. Mark Stevens Says:

    I had a similarly unfulfilling experience as yours with the Stylin book until I began going to the files provided on the companion web site to the book. If you haven’t yet seen them, they give you both the XHTML code and CSS for every example used in the book. As to the validation badges, there is code provided to use on your page at the W3C site after you have validated it. It seems that it provides a link to the badge on the W3C server. As to the CSS badges, the only thing I have yet come up with is to save the image of the badge, also available on the W3C site, and then insert it as an image on the page next to the other validation badge. I still am not happy with how they are styled and positioned, but I am hopeful that others more knowledgeable in class than I can help.

  2. maureen guignon Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your comments and I agree that practice is the only recourse. However, I am running a little too close to the wire to not be finished…

  3. Jennifer Levasseur Says:

    I feel a bit sheepish in saying this, but I do not have any ‘badges’ on my page…now I wonder what I may have done wrong, or just not done at all…ugh.

    At least we’re all in this together and making the same mistakes and having the same issues…it’ll certainly build up some camaraderie.

  4. Bill Says:

    John, Interesting new look to the site, but your title’s become invisible (white on white in Firefox).

    Good Luck (BTW, my header photo disappeared when I moved my stuff to the server)

    Bill A

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