Another Digital Skills Demo: Audio and Video

November 19, 2006

Kam Zero Location Video

This audio-video file was constructed using slide show features of PowerPoint, which allow the timed “building” of images and also allow the synchronization of the video with audio narration.  I saved this file as a PowerPoint slide show (.pps), so clicking on the file should pop you straight into the show IF you have PowerPoint on your computer.  Make sure that your speaker volume is turned up.


2 Responses to “Another Digital Skills Demo: Audio and Video”

  1. Perg Says:

    It suddenly stopped just after you showed the machine shop, as you were beginning a sentence with, “The site of …”. Did you stop there?

    Otherwise, I like it except it’d be nice to have closer synchronization between the initial display of features and your narrative. It begins to match best as you introduce Battery Selfridge.

  2. John Says:

    No, it didn’t stop there. There were another couple of sentences afterwards. My guess is that you may have an issue with the speed that your computer plays audio files. I had that problem when I tried to record the narration on my home computer. When I tried it on my work laptop, it worked well. It plays OK too.

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