This is a Drill…

October 11, 2006

The attached PowerPoint file is one I was trying to upload earlier in the course, just as a way to experiment with some of the WordPress features.  Josh helped me load it, so I’m leaving it as a template.  It is a graphic that I created out of Rand McNally’s atlas program to accompany my thesis.



2 Responses to “This is a Drill…”

  1. Bill Andrews Says:

    The map turned out nicely. The curved lines you made in powerpoint turned out well, I usually have to take multiple shots at the lines with multiple curves to get them looking right. Is the background map from an online resource or a disk you bought?

  2. josiedad Says:

    Bill – thanks for the compliment. The map came from the Rand McNally New Millenium disk, which is a commercially available program. As for the curves, I make one curve then use the Edit Points feature (right click on the curve) and then move the points until I get the whole curve looking the way I want. You can delete excess or unwanted points or add new points with that function too.

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